The Central Bajío Vehicle Distribution Center is a proposed, state-of-the-art finished vehicle distribution terminal in the Bajío region of Mexico, serving both inbound and outbound flows. The terminal is a partnership between TransDevelopment México, SA de CV, and Suministros Industriales Potosinos, SA de CV.

Terminal Advantages

  • Strategic Location in the Bajío region of Mexico, between Guadalajara and Mexico City
  • Fast Startup with utilities, roadway, rail, land ownership, and environmental permitting resolved
  • Low Entry Cost for a high volume rail-unloading facility, capable of 50,000 units/year
  • Large Growth Potential with expansion room for over 6,500 vehicle bays

Site Plan & Drawings

Terminal Features

  • Security: Existing transload operation with 24/7 staffed security and concrete walls
  • Acreage: Transload terminal with 125 acres (50 ha) in gross land area, with up to 57 acres (23 ha) available for finished vehicles
  • Initial Phase: 1,000 vehicle bays and 36 railcar capacity
  • Future Capacity: Up to 6,500 vehicle bays and 134 railcars, with 60 unloading positions
  • Terminal Features: Asphalt storage areas, high mast lighting, CCTV

Contact Information

TransDevelopment Group 
Transdevelopment México, SA de CV

Alex MacGregor
Oso 127 – 305, Col. Del Valle
Benito Juárez, Ciudad de México  
C.P. 03100
O: 55 5524 2936
C: +1 678-733-2805

Suministros Industriales
Potosinos, S.A. de C.V.

Xavier Zermeño
Eje 120 #595
Zona Industrial,C.P. 78395
San Luis Potosí
O: +52 444 870 1570